Red Racer ISA & For the Love of Hops

Author: Colin Enquist

Date: July 20th, 2015

ISA-and-hopsThe hoppier the better. Right?

That is the way the industry has gone in the last 10 years. We went from IPA to double IPA to hopping any style we could, but the last year or so has seen a shift.

IPA's are still king. But they have a cousin of sorts sprouting up all across the globe, the ISA or session IPA.

It's that one ingredient we all love so much tying these beers so closely together - hops.

Like I said, the hoppier the better, doesn't matter if it's an IPA or ISA.

This book, written by the author of Brew Like A Monk Stan Hieronymus, covers all you need to know about hops and then some. The book is very detailed and becomes a bit more than just a history lesson on hops. It is also the perfect book for quick reference guide as well when it comes to hops.

For the Love of Hops:

"For the Love of Hops expertly explains the nature of hops, their origins, and how brewers maximize their positive attributes throughout the brewing process. Author Stan Hieronymus starts with the basics of hop chemistry, then examines the important role farmers play and how brewers can best choose the hops they need. He provides fundamental information about and descriptions of more than 100 hop varieties, along with 16 recipes from around the world, including from top U.S. craft brewers. Hieronymus explores hop quality and utilization, with an entire chapter devoted to dry hopping. Throughout, Hieronymus' research and accessible writing style educate the reader on the rich history of hops and their development into an essential ingredient in beer."

Something hoppy, like the Central City Red Racer ISA made with mosiac hops, which according to For the Love of Hops gives off fruity flavours like mango, citrus, lemon, and more, is a great pairing while reading this book. As the book becomes dense in parts where it becomes more a bit scientific, the thought of losing track while drinking the hoppiest double IPA doesn't make sense. Stick to the sessionable hoppy beers for this book.